Zhun Deng

Postdoctoral Researcher

Columbia University

Email: zhun dot d at columbia dot edu

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Hi! I am a postdoctoral researcher with Toniann Pitassi and Richard Zemel at Columbia University, and also part of Simons Collaboration on the Theory of Algorithmic Fairness. Previously, I completed my Ph.D. in the Theory of Computation group at Harvard University, advised by Cynthia Dwork. I am also fortunate to work with David Parkes, Weijie Su, and James Zou on various projects. 

My research interests mainly lie in reliable and responsible machine learning, both in theoretical foundations and applications. In particular, I develop formal frameworks to address algorithmic and societal challenges in modern data science such as risk control of foundation models, fairness, and privacy.  My tools mainly draw on distribution-free uncertainty quantification, (multi-)calibration, and reinforcement learning. 

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