All Manuscripts & Preprints

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Learning and Forgetting Unsafe Examples in Large Language Models Submitted

Jiachen Zhao, Zhun Deng,  David Madras, James Zou, Mengye Ren

Making Predictors More Reliable with Selective Recalibration Submitted

Tom Zollo, Zhun Deng,  Jake Snell, Toniann Pitassi, Richard Zemel

Taking a Break: The Optimal Stopping Problem for User Engagement Draft in progress

Zhun Deng, He Sun, Guannan Qu, David Parkes

Investigating Fairness Disparities in Peer Review: A Language Model Enhanced Approach 

Jiayao Zhang, Hongming Zhang, Zhun Deng, Dan Roth

Scaffolding Sets  Submitted

(α-β) Maya Burhanpurkar, Zhun Deng, Cynthia Dwork, Linjun Zhang